Van Bikeradar: Silca claims new recycled carbon-fibre infused sealant is the world’s longest lasting

Silca’s new Ultimate Tubeless Sealant uses carbon fibre particles to aid sealing and is claimed to last longer than anything else on the market.

The brand claims the product can plug holes up to 8mm wide – allegedly 25 per cent wider than other tubeless sealants on the market – and do so faster. 

Silca says its Ultimate Tubeless Sealant consists of a foaming latex formula and a mix of 6mm, 9mm and 12mm carbon fibres that make up 5 per cent of the overall volume of the sealant. 

The Ultimate Tubeless Sealant costs $18 for 250ml, $24 for 500ml and $38 for a litre. International pricing is to be confirmed. 

The Ultimate Tubeless Sealant’s carbon fibres come from recycled carbon bike frames, carbon wheels, race cars and aircraft components. 

Silca tubeless sealant

Tubeless tyres filled with this could become more resilient.

These fibres are said to be 400 per cent stiffer than glass or Kevlar fibres and Silca claims their low weight helps them disperse better in the sealant. 

Silca says this permits a higher density of particles in the sealant than is possible with Kevlar or glass. 

As a result, the brand claims the sealant fixes punctures faster because it can carry more fibres to the hole. 

Here, they mesh with latex, creating a robust “fibre dam coagulant”. 

Their high stiffness offers better protection against future punctures than alternative sealant additives, namely glitter or fibreglass, according to Silca. 

What’s more, Silca says its Ultimate Tubeless Sealant includes a higher concentration of anti-freeze. 

This allows punctures to be sealed down to -7 degrees centigrade and for the sealant to last seven to nine months, subject to humidity. 

Silca advises the Ultimate Tubeless Sealant must be poured into the tyre during installation because it will block syringes and valve holes. 

Silca tubeless sealant

Silca says the Ultimate Replenisher should keep your tyres rolling for a year.

Therefore, the company has released the Ultimate Replenisher. Containing no carbon fibre and more anti-freeze, it can be pumped through the valve stem with a syringe. 

Silca recommends doing so every 90 to 120 days and cleaning out tyres once a year. Tyres that leak during the initial installation will require topping up with 30 to 50 per cent sealant volume. 

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