Van Bikeradar: Prologo revamps gloves line-up with patented tech

Prologo’s new range of cycling gloves borrows innovative patented technology from its extensive saddle line-up.

Designed to optimise comfort using vibration-absorbing technology, while delivering optimal air cooling and maximum grip, Prologo’s Energrip collection includes three models – from short-finger mitts to winter gloves – to help keep you kitted out in all conditions.

What’s changed with Prologo’s new range of gloves?

The palm arrangement of CPC on the Energrip Short Finger glove.

Relaunched for 2022, Prologo’s Energrip glove collection utilises the brand’s patented CPC (Connect – Power – Control) technology, as seen in its saddle range.

CPC is a 3D-printed polymer nanostructure that’s claimed to deliver multiple benefits. These include vibration absorption, enhanced grip and improved air cooling.

These are all qualities that are beneficial in a saddle, and said to be equally useful when it comes to ensuring your hands are as comfortable as possible.

Just as CPC is utilised in specific positions and densities across the saddle to deliver optimal comfort, it has also been designed around the shape of the hand.

A combination of diamond-shaped modules and non-bottom-out cones across the palm sectors are said to help absorb a range of different vibrations, easing feedback from the road and trail.

Not only is this said to enhance comfort in the short-term, but Prologo also claims it decreases muscle fatigue.

Lines of CPC cones in the sectors across the palm are also targeted to ensure maximum grip, explains the brand, yielding ultimate handling control.

The specific spacing of the CPC pads and tiny holes between them aid air cooling.

To optimise air cooling, palm CPC pads have been positioned to allow air to flow through channels between the fingers and across the central palm area. Here, the absence of padding and integration of small holes are said to ventilate and cool the skin, avoiding sweat build-up.

The gloves were designed in collaboration with the Groupama-FDJ Performance Centre and the University of Besançon, using electromyography analysis to compare the performance of the new Prologo CPC gloves to that of basic gloves with no padding. They were also compared to gloves with gel padding.

From these tests, Prologo determined its CPC gloves reduced vibration to the arms by a claimed 14 per cent compared to a regular cycling glove – this is a reduction double that of using a cycling glove with gel pads.

Similarly, the Prologo CPC gloves resulted in a vibration reduction of 5 per cent at the neck, compared to only 2 per cent using gel-padded cycling gloves.

Further tests showed that wearing the CPC gloves gave a 10 per cent improvement in shock absorption compared to riding glove-free.

New tabs on the fingers and wrists help you to fit or remove the gloves.
Prologo / Michele Mondini

In addition to the enhanced use of CPC in its new glove range, Prologo has redesigned elements of the gloves, which is said to make them easier to fit, remove and adjust, including tabs on the wrist and ring finger.

The brand’s Long Finger gloves also feature touchscreen-friendly injections on the fingertips, making it possible to use your phone without having to remove your gloves.

About Prologo

Prologo’s products are designed with fast-paced riding and world-class racing front of mind; it’s no coincidence that the brand’s logo includes a stopwatch.

While best known for its extensive range of saddles, there’s more to the proudly Italian brand than saddles alone. 

There’s also a sizable array of bar tape and grips on offer, as well as cycling gloves, which have been redesigned for 2022.

All disciplines are catered for at Prologo, including specialist designs for time-trial racing, triathlon, cross-country racing, trail riding, commuting, electric bikes, gravel and, of course, road racing.

Prologo saddles, tape and gloves are chosen by an impressive number of teams on the UCI WorldTour.

Born out of the epicentre of competitive cycling in Italy, and now known around the world, technological innovations and advanced fitting systems have seen Prologo continue to feature at the pointy end of racing.

Who’s wearing Prologo gloves in 2022?

You’ll find the new Energrip gloves chosen by many world-class teams.

Prepare to see Prologo’s Energrip gloves in action this year across a wide range of teams in the UCI Men’s and Women’s WorldTour, as well as Pro Tour, Continental and cross-country race teams, and triathletes.

The Energrip gloves are used by Men’s UCI WorldTour team Bahrain – Victorious and UCI Women’s WorldTour team EF Education-TIBCO-SVB, as well as the Valcar – Travel & Service UCI Women’s Continental Team.

No fewer than five cross-country mountain bike teams choose Prologo, including BMC MTB Racing, piloted by Julien Absalon, Cannondale Factory Racing, DMT Racing Team, Santa Cruz FSA Pro Team and the Belgian BH Wallonie MTB Team.

Prologo gloves range overview

There are three new gloves in the Prologo range for 2022 featuring CPC, designed to keep you covered for every kind of ride.

Prologo Energrip Short Finger

The Prologo Energrip Short Finger glove.

Prologo’s flagship racing glove, the Team Short Finger is a technical mitt for warmer days in the saddle. Breathable and lightweight, the design integrates CPC technology across the palm for vibration damping, grip and optimal cooling to reduce sweat build-up.

As shown by Prologo’s research in conjunction with the University of Besançon, there’s a vibration-reduction benefit to the arms and neck from wearing CPC-equipped gloves. This should, according to Prologo, help to reduce muscle fatigue and negative impacts on the carpal tunnel.

Prologo Energrip Long Finger

The Prologo Energrip Long Finger glove.

The perfect mid-season glove or more extensive coverage for off-road riding, the Team Long Finger offers the same CPC design as the Team Short Finger, with extra grip on the index finger for brake modulation.

In addition, the breathable fabric has touchscreen-friendly fingertip inserts, so you can use your phone or GPS unit without needing to remove your gloves.

Prologo Energrip KYLMA winter glove

The Prologo Energrip KYLMA winter glove.

  • Available from winter 2022, price TBC
  • XS-XL

Designed with wintry rides in mind, the KYLMA gloves are intended to help keep you warm and dry on cold and rainy days, without compromising on dexterity.

More slimline than thicker, padded winter-glove alternatives, the KYLMA utilises a specialist insulating, water-repellent material that Prologo says provides protection from the elements without the bulk.

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