Van Bikeradar: New Hutchinson Challenger is a wallet-friendly endurance tyre

Hutchinson has released the Challenger, a new tyre for training, endurance riding and Fondos.

The Challenger is said to prioritise longevity, comfort and safety. It has a new compound claimed to provide grip and durability, and high-density fibres used for puncture protection.

Hutchinson says the construction of the road bike tyre is “optimised” for use all-year round with a tread pattern and ‘grain’ in the rubber for safety and grip.

The ‘do-it-all’ tyre costs £29.99 / €32.99, which Hutchinson describes as “an antidote to the growing cost” of cycling.

The tyre is to be used with inner tubes and is available in three sizes: 700x25mm, 700x28mm and 700x30mm.

New Bi-Compound

The Challenger has grooves on the edge to help with grip in wet conditions.
Mirror Media / Road Bike Connection

Hutchinson has used its new Bi-Compound for the Challenger tyre, which consists of a harder compound in the centre of the tyre and a softer compound on the exterior edges.

The harder rubber in the centre of the tyre is said to resist cuts and abrasion. The softer rubber on the edges is for “superior grip when cornering” on dry and wet roads, according to Hutchinson.

The tyre has two other features to help with grip. The sides of the tyre have grooves said to further help with grip when cornering or on wet tarmac. There is a ‘grain’, which looks like light dimpling, across the tyre said to up safety and grip.

The Challenger tyre comes in three sizes, starting at 700x25mm.

Underneath the rubber is a 66 TPI casing. Hutchinson says this offers a good combination of protection and performance. This isn’t as high a count as Hutchinson’s Fusion 5 Performance 11Storm tyre, which is similarly suitable for winter use.

The casing is said to be good for weight, too. The Challenger has a claimed weight of 255g for 700x25mm and 320g for 700x30mm.

Puncture protection

The tyre has Hutchinson’s Reinforced puncture protection.
Mirror Media / Road Bike Connection

The Challenger has Hutchinson’s Reinforced technology. This is a protective strip of high-density fibres running through the tyre’s casing said to increase puncture resistance.

Hutchinson says it has made the rubber thicker on the Challenger compared to its other tyres in order to further increase protection against punctures.

The 700x30mm tyre has a tread thickness of 4.45mm and the 700x25mm tyre has a tread thickness of 3.9mm.

Hutchinson says the thick tread helps increase the Challenger’s potential mileage and it has tested the tyre up to 8,000km.

Hutchinson Challenger tyre spec, availability and price

The Hutchinson Challenger tyre with tan side walls.

The Hutchinson Challenger tyre is available now in three sizes.

The 700x25mm and 700x30mm versions are available in black, only. The 700x28mm size is available in black or with tan walls.

The Challenger is only available as a clincher tyre, currently. Hutchinson says the tyre should be available as a tubeless tyre in 2023 with new tubeless technology from the French brand.

  • Available sizes: 700x25mm, 700x28mm, 700x30mm
  • Claimed weight: 255g (700x25mm), 300g (700x28mm), 320g (700x30mm)
  • Casing (threads per inch): 66 TPI
  • Colour: Black (700x28mm available in tan)
  • Pricing: £29.99 / €32.99

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