Van Bikeradar: Cane Creek announces eeSilk stem with 20mm of tunable compliance

Cane Creek has launched the eeSilk stem with 20mm of tunable compliance. The stem joins the eeSilk product range, which also consists of the eeSilk seatpost that similarly provides 20mm of squish via a parallel linkage elastomer. Cane Creek also offers a gravel variety of the seatpost, which ups compliance to 35mm. The brand claims […]

Van Bikeradar: Road bike tyre pressure explained | Everything you need to know

Gone are the days of simply pumping up your road bike tyres to the maximum pressure permitted and hoping for the best. Not only are excessively high pressures uncomfortable, they’ve also been proven to slow you down. Optimising the tyre pressure on your road bike is, therefore, one of the simplest – and cheapest – […]

Van Bikeradar: Cycling for beginners | 25 essential beginner’s cycling tips

These cycling tips, covering kit, clothing, nutrition, technique and more, are aimed at beginners, the new riders who’ve just started out on their great two-wheeled adventure. Think of BikeRadar as your riding buddy, who wants to help you get the most out of yourself and your bike! Below, we’ve tried to cover the common pitfalls […]

Van Bikeradar: Adidas releases its first road cycling shoe with a Boa dial

Adidas has updated its Road Shoe, swapping laces for a Boa dial for the first time. The Parley Road Shoe BOA is said to provide “all-day comfort on the bike” by reducing pressure points. The shoe is made from ocean plastic waste that has been upcycled by Parley, an anti-pollution network. Like its predecessor, The […]

Van Bikeradar: Can you get fit on an electric bike? Ebike fitness explained

Electric bikes offer a wide range of benefits, enabling you to travel further and faster, offering a green alternative for commuting, and encouraging more people to experience the joy of cycling. However, with a motor and battery providing assistance while you pedal, can you get fit on an ebike? With many aspects of cycling seemingly […]