Van Bikeradar: Wahoo RGT: your complete guide to the indoor training app

Wahoo RGT is part of a new single subscription service called Wahoo X along with Wahoo SYSTM. Wahoo acquired RGT Cycling and rebranded the app Wahoo RGT. Wahoo RGT is one of a number of indoor cycling apps that lets you simulate riding in the great outdoors and experience world-famous roads without leaving the house. […]

Van Bikeradar: Tour of Britain 2022 teams | What teams are competing?

The Tour of Britain is ranked 2.Pro on the UCI calendar. The ‘2’ relates to it being a stage race, while the ‘Pro’ means it’s one level below the top-level WorldTour. There are 18 teams in the men’s WorldTour and, while teams aren’t obliged to ride races at the Tour of Britain’s level, up to […]

Van Bikeradar: The best indoor cycling apps: which training app should you use?

Yes, we would all rather ride outside. But the best indoor cycling apps can help you get fitter and faster when weather, work and the rest of your life stop you from getting out. What’s more, the best smart trainers and training apps have made indoor cycling more realistic and effective than ever. Here are our […]

Van Bikeradar: Best aero road bike 2022 | 15 top-rated bikes and buyer’s guide

The best aero road bikes add an extra dose of speed to your ride, and the pursuit of speed is undoubtedly part of what makes cycling so exhilarating. And when it comes to going fast, on the flat or downhill at least, aerodynamic drag has the biggest influence. Representing the leading edge of road-bike technology, the […]

Van Bikeradar: Best gravel wheels 2022: 15 top-rated picks

The best gravel wheels are light, stiff and durable. They’re built to withstand the rough and tumble of riding on mixed surfaces in all weathers, and they’re designed to work with gravel tyres, which are wider than conventional road tyres, but skinnier than mainstream mountain bike rubber. We’ll be the first to admit there’s really […]

Van Bikeradar: Indoor cycling: a beginner’s guide to all you need to know

While we all agree that cycling outdoors is wonderful, it’s not always possible to get outside. Indoor training gives you the chance to turn the pedals and top up your fitness when it’s difficult to head out. There are a variety of reasons to consider indoor cycling: it’s convenient, time-efficient, not weather-dependent and you won’t […]

Van Bikeradar: What is a drivetrain? Bike drivetrains explained

The drivetrain on a bike enables you to pedal forward and typically change between gears, making it easier or harder for you to ride on a given gradient. Here, we describe the different bike components that make up a drivetrain and explain their functions. What is a drivetrain? The drivetrain components work in synergy. Simon […]